Ok so this might come as a total shock but I'm kind of competitive.

I know – CRAZY right?! And when I saw this Pilates by Equinox video I had to jump right on the reformer and try out every single one of these advanced moves. I'm proud to say that I now can do every single one of them! I need to make a reformer video asap.

In other news this is what I'm having for dinner all next week. Two of my favourite things: curry and pomegrante in one place. This how sweet eats lady rocks my world.


And let's talk about my ongoing internal onesie debate. Lululemon just came out with this beautiful cool one piece and I'm not quite sure I'm cool enough, really bendy enough, to rock this yet. What do you think? I need to go try it on.


And some thoughts to leave you with! Have a great weekend everyone!!


:: apples ::


:: chapters ::


:: Really interesting article about the average male body … I'm moving to the Netherlands! ::