Confessions of a Skinny Fat


This morning I decided to do something I rarely do – stepped on the scale!


At one point in my life I weighed myself 10+ times a day. In high school I was a rower and needed to weigh less than 63 kgs (138.6 lbs) to compete. I was obsessed with the scale, at one point even had one in my locker! The funny thing I noticed in hindsight was that the more I fixated on my weight the higher the number climbed. I even stopped drinking water because I was focused on the short-term change in the scale after drinking! I was cray-cray.

After my final rowing competition I went on a scale cleanse for about three years. I was curious one day I stepped on and was SHOCKED to see that I was about 10 lbs lighter than my obsession days. 

Since then I've climbed up and down +/- about 6 lbs or so depending on the holiday! I weight myself about once a month or even every other month just as a general check in. The last time I did this was just before I broke my foot I weighed 134 lbs and felt awesome. 

So back to this morning, I pulled out my scale and dusted it off. Hopped on and I weight 130 - 4 lbs lost in a month with ZERO activity … unless you count my toe exercises from the physio which I do diligently but I'm pretty sure they don't burn a ton of calories! 

My muscle tone is almost completely disappearing up my left leg and recently the atrophy has started making it's way to my glutes GRRRRRRRR. NOT THE GLUTES! Haha!! And for the first time in my life I am feeling like I've got a mini little belly going on. I know I'm just being critical and I'm totally fine with all of this because I know I'll be back to my healthy routine in no time!

The point of this story is that the scale really isn't the best way to track progress at all and especially once you reach a certain level of fitness! I like to take measurements and use jeans as an indicator. But really the best measurement of all is just to relax and know that when you're making healthy choices your body is going to be really happy about them and will eventually start to sparkle for you. Nobody will ever see the number on the scale but they will see the smile on your face when you're feeling confident and fit! It might not happen overnight, or over the course of a week even, but eventually it will catch up with you!

I can't wait to gain those 4 lbs back!!



Hoodies and flip flops are my ideal dress code.

hoodie weather

This combination just screams comfort and happiness!

I just love a great comfortable sweater! And EVEN better I LOVE Matt's hoodies. There is one in particular that I have pretty much claimed as mine. His school hoodie is the coziest thing ever.

So when I thought about what to do for Bod gear this summer they were first on my list! I am SO excited for these to arrive just in time for fall!

bod squad hoodie

:: Mock up Hoodie ::

If you would like to be wearing what the cool kids are going to be sporting now is your chance!! Please comment below and I will get in touch with you via e-mail to sort out sizing. Payment can be made online and I can ship your hoodie anywhere in Canada.

The hoodies are $50 and if you would like your name embroidered on the right top sleeve it's $7.50 per word.

YAYA Bod Gear!! 

Introduction to SIT


Back in University just before I met Matt he enjoyed signing up for some CRAZY intense sprint interval training studies.

early days

:: Early days together – our first trip and our first dance ::

This one time they had to take a muscle biopsy straight from his leg. For those of you who haven't seen that done they basically use a giant tube the size of a pen, jab it in your leg and actually cut off a piece of your muscle. And yes, you're awake the whole time. 

leg biopsy

:: Muscle biopsy of the leg ::

The CRAZIEST part was the first time they did this they actually got it wrong… so he let them do that AGAIN!! Matt had huge scars all down his thighs for the first year of our courtship. They are all gone now … probably time to do it again Matt!! NO!

Then there was the time Matt signed up for a SIT study…

blake lively running

I'm sure you've all heard of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) by now but SIT (Short Interval Training) training is a newish training idea based on traditional studies.

So what is it? SIT training is VERY high intensity (>200% VO2 max), short duration exercise (<30 seconds), long rest of 4 minutes, performed at least three intervals up to six, two – three times a week.

When done correctly SIT training has blown continuous and HIIT training out of the water in terms of increasing VO2 max and decreasing body fat %, basically it can make you a superhuman.

When Matt did a SIT study in university he went from 13% body fat to 7% in a month. His protocol was twice a week he did three 30 second efforts with a 4 minute rest off at 200 – 220% VO2 max. Eventually he was able to do a total of 6 rounds of 30 seconds intervals with 4 minutes rest. These efforts were SO intense he had to take the day off school after the first one. Like seriously no joking INTENSE. It apparently feels like you've had a BIG night drinking after these efforts.

The reason why SIT training is so effective for fat loss is because there is a huge after burn effect. It shocks your body BIG time into change. When exposed to this kind of shock your body tries to do everything in it's power to gear up for the possibility that you might have to do that again so it does everything it can to get as efficient as possible – you will drop excess fat quickly!

SIT is awesome in theory but the problem with SIT training in a general population is these efforts are SO hard to do. Athletes are really the only population who can really push themselves physically to the level required to produce a SIT result. If you are able to work this hard, nothing can really beat a SIT workout for fat loss.

Cool eh?

If throwing up after a workout isn't your style HIIT is a great alternative and is quite effective! Here are some of my favourite HIIT workouts! One, two, three. Give them a go and let me know how they went!

Dad’s Takeover


My dad has totally been a huge source of my personal fitspiration and a BIG reason why I followed my heart and made a career out of being a fitness nut!

hills dad

:: Dad warming up with a few hills before teaching a Bod Squad ::

As a young chap my Dad was always in love with sports and exercise. At one point he even considered a career as a gym teacher but decided to get a business degree. He then naturally chose the ice cream business to help offset his intense workout regime!! It's funny how life sometimes can come full circle!

I know that everything in life happens for a reason (usually). And I'm starting to think that a big reason why I broke my foot was that it allowed Dad to come to the rescue and step up to the head coach plate leading Bod Squad. Over the past two weeks of leading classes he's had some awesome feedback! Which, always humble my Dad called me this morning to say that he was slightly embarassed by and that I should let people know that I will be back soon too! Thanks Dad!

Ian will be taking over the Bod Squad for the entire month of August!

Sign up for Dad Squad here!!

I'll be developing workouts with him and hopefully participating in class near the last week of the August session. I had my second follow-up appointment with the orthopedic surgeon today and GREAT news … I can walk in my air cast now!! WAHOOO!!! Which means I will be hopefully no more than three more weeks until I'm totally cast free! In the meantime it is wonderful to know that Bod Squad is in Dad's totally capable hands (and biceps).

Can't wait to kick off the last month of the summer season with Dad!! Thanks everyone!

No Bake Amazballs


These balls are amazing. 


And totally inpsired from the Oh She Glows cook book gifted to me by my amazing client Jill. Thank you!!! I adore this book full of healthy yet delicious recipes.

I am a HUGE fan of no-bake food. It is harder for me to mess it up that way! And I'm a fan of the consistency… the food always tastes the same. I have made this recipe four times already! And most impressively I've kept the same bag of mini chips for all four editions – no snacking is one of the wonderful things about breaking your foot, I'm just not as hungry yaya!! 

These balls are so quick to make and they are absolutely delicious. Enjoy!

This recipe makes about 12 balls but double it and you will have enough to get you through the day.



1 1/2 cup oats

1/2 cup almond meal

2 tbsp coconut oil

2 tbsp almond/peanut really your favourite nut butter will be great!

1/4 cup maple syrup + 1 tbsp

2 tbsp mini chocolate chips … aka my new baking obsession – small but signifigant!


1. Put the oats in a powerful blender and grind them into a flour form … now you have oat flour – ta da!

2. In a medium bowl mix together coconut oil, peanut butter and maple syrup until fully combined.

3. Then in the same bowl add in oat flour and almond meal and stir. If your batch is still flakey add in a bit more maple syrup. I found this helpful.

4. Finally fold in chocolate chips!

5. Form 12 small two-bite sized balls and place them on a cookie sheet. Freeze balls for at least 15 minutes and then you can put them in a ziploc freezer bag for storage … not that these will last long!