Fabletics by Kate Hudson


Time to play dress Christie up again!


Please help me select an outfit to wear for a workout in an upcoming blog post from Fabletics by Kate Hudson.  We get to choose one of the three options above and I'd LOVE to know what look you love the most. 

Crops are my favourite workout pants by far. I think they are the most flattering for my athletic legs and shorter stature. I love that they are appropriate all year round. I'm looking forward to trying this brand out and seeing if it lives up to all the rave reviews! 

The concept behind this company is pretty cool. It's a workout clothing membership. You sign up, take a quiz based on your style and the type of workouts you love to do and then you get a new outfit in the mail every month at 40% off regular retail prices. Being an avid online shopper myself I love this idea. If you aren't going to be sweating as much one month or decide you want to take a break you can always skip that month and wait to shop again the next month. Very smart.

The grey look in the middle I think is my favourite – unfortunately the back isn't pictured here but it looks really cool! But up to you guys!! Can't wait to see what you think. Poll will close this friday night. 


Chipmunk Time


I was listening to the radio yesterday and the announcer was refering to this time of year as a "chipmunking" time of year.


We just about to head into hybernation and if you're prone to packing on a few extra winter layers like me this really hit home! I'm such a summer person – I move more and I love fresh great summer healthy food. In the winter a glass (or two) of wine with a warm anything is right up my alley! 

If I look back at the ebb and flow of Bod Squad over the years November and December have always been the hardest time of year for people to commit to a workout schedule. First comes a big Thanksgiving and straight to Halloween then Christmas is on it's way, it's just non-stop! The days are getting much shorter, weather isn't anywhere near as inviting as it was a few months ago. I totally get it, workouts are not as high on the list as they are in the summer months.

Because of all that now more than ever it is so important to keep your workouts on the calendar. It is WAY easier to maintain a fitness schedule than it is to start from scratch … take it from someone who has tried both methods!

Here are my top three tips for sticking to your sweat schedule:

1. Pick at least TWO critical workouts a week and book them in like you would a meeting or a doctor's appointment. These are workouts that you will not miss. Don't stress about doing this 6x a week, you can commit to two!

2. Don't blame it on the weather. So it's colder/wetter/darker outside – you can still get a workout in! I like to pick workouts that are not weather dependant this time of year. Don't let mother nature be an excuse!

3. Find a workout buddy and commit to them. Don't be that person who cancels! A neighbour who likes to run or workout is a dream! 

The most important thing to remember is not to beat yourself up if you miss a workout. Just be better next time! Find what works for you this winter and stick with it!

Bundle Up


I am obsessed with this scarf/wrap/coat/ponch/cape.

bundle up scarf

:: Bundle Up Scarf – lululemon, Jeans (on sale!)- J. Crew, Roll Over Tribe Boots – Roots (LOVE these), Top – aritizia old (also seen here) ::

I was on the fence about this piece when I first saw it online but I had to try it in the store. Wow! Not too thick, certainly warm enough for cool fall days, and versatile to boot! Looks super chic and more expensive than it is…. It can work into just about any casual or even dressy look!

bundle up scarf back

I think it's because it really connects with my inner grandmother spirit. I LOVE it. And want fall to last forever so that it can stay in my daily wardrobe forever.

never limit yourself

:: Never Limit Yourself ::

lululemon bundle up

The shape of it allows you to wear it as a blanket scarf and it doesn't fall off my shoulders. 

lululemon bundle up reverse

AND it is reversible (sort of, actually I think I just made that up, but it doesn't look bad inside-out!).

bundle up scarf optionAND it's a scarf too. 

Seriously job well done lululemon. I'll be loving this one long time.

Jump Rope Workout


Remember when you were 10 and this would have been the funnest thing ever?!

ready to jump

:: Run Turn Around Tight – lululemon, Shoes – New Balance , Top – old Stella McCartney Adidas ::

Jumping rope is a great exercise … except when you get too good at it then it is barely a workout at all! The key to keeping jump rope an effective workout is like anything – you've got to mix it up! 

Here are two variations to try the next time you've got a rope and want a great heart rate booster!

Double Unders

jumping high

  • The #1 problem I see when people are trying to learn these is that they can't disconnect their feet from their arms. It's exciting and when your wrists start spinning faster your feet will naturally want to follow because that's what you've been doing since kindergarten days!
  • It's all about the wrists – the faster the wrists the faster the rope! Don't let your arms turn into windmills.
  • Jump just a little bit higher than normal! You don't need to leap off the floor but the more time in the air the more time your rope has to get around.
  • Keep your hands tight to your hips, the wider your hands the shorter the rope and then the less likely you'll get through!
  • Keep your eyes straight forward and focus just in front of you

Cross Overs

cross overs

  • Start skipping normally.
  • After you've established a good rhythm try the cross over!
  • The trick here is your arms need to cross right over your body. Get your hands right beside the opposite hip. if you don't get your hands right beside your hips you will have no hope jumping through the tight rope.
  • You need to leave your arms crossed as you jump through the rope! A lot of people try to get out of this too quickly.
  • Alternate hands – try left in front of right then right in front of left

Overall Advice


  • Practice, practice, practice.
  • These are meant to be difficult and the likelihood of you getting these your first time trying is SLIM to none.
  • Don't get disappointed you're not a double under god on day one. Honestly this took me at least 10 workouts before I finally got them. Just relax and enjoy the process!

The 4 x 100 Workout

100 Double Unders, just for completion they don't need to be done in a row.

100 Push-ups

100 Cross overs, again just for completion.

100 Jump Lunges (alternating legs so techically 200 singles)

YAOZA! I can't wait to try this!



Sometimes I get a little excited about fitness goals and I just go full throttle.


I've been REALLY all about arm balancing lately. It's fun and I'm finally at a phase where I can do fun cool things on my hands and for a few weeks straight all I wanted to do was practice, practice, practice! 

I have a history with forearm injuries and if I'm not careful they will flare up again. It's happened in the past whenever I've tried adding in handstands to my workouts and normally I just take a few days off and my wrists feel better. This time I ignored the warning signs and just let them flare up. It got bad. I couldn't even do a plank for two weeks because my wrists were so tender.

I saw my sports doctor – Andrew Sullkowski on wednesday and he confirmed that I had no tendonitis and that I had in fact sprained my wrist. Bummer. But the good news is it is already feeling WAY better. Nothing like a little rest!

The lesson I'm learning and re-learning with this injury is that it is SO important to listen to your body at the first sign of pain. I think if I had listened to the warning signs would not have had this injury at all! One day I know I'll get to handstands and super cool arm balances but it doesn't have to happen all in one week … I guess that's part of what really makes them cool in the first place! I'm inspired to get better and get back upsidedown soon.

Have a healthy and happy weekend!