White as Rain


White has always been my favourite colour to wear … especially so lately!

white as rain coat

:: Plasmic Parka from Mountain Hardwear ::

I just have a bad habit of quickly dirtying white things! When I received this awesome coat from Mountain Hardwear I was initially scared that the white wouldn't last long with me as an owner. I have put this coat to the test this summer and it's as white as the very first day I wore it. 

white as rain 1

The long length is great for biking (nothing worse than a wet bike bum) and it keeps me VERY dry.

white as rain 2

Great coat thank you! 

Foam Favourites


The roller and I have a SERIOUSLY complicated relationship.

foam roller

Whenever we are together I'm in so much pain I just want to cry sometimes … and I'm pretty sure I've actually teared up once or twice! But whenever we are appart all I want to do is get back it again. It's just nuts. 

My favourite (#notfavourite) bits to roll are my "lateral seams" – the IT bands and my lats.

In the past I've had major IT band trouble. When I was doing triathlons in University my IT bands hated me. It got so bad I couldn't run for more than 5 minutes without feeling like my knee caps were going to snap right off. It's the strangest feeling ever – you literally can't run no matter how much you try your body just says no way, not today. I went to three different physios who poked, ultrasounded and pressed my leg but nothing was working. I noticed this guy in the gym who was always on the roller so I went up to him and asked exactly why he was rolling so much and if he could show me how to do it. He was a huge help and showed me what to do. The first time I got on the roller I thought there was absolutely NO way I could have been doing it right because the pain was ridiculous. What I imagine child birth to be like bad. But I stuck with it and noticed an immediate difference after a few 20 minute sessions. The roller seriously works. If you're an endurance athlete or even if you're a once/twice a week spinner/runner/repeatitive mover (spinning is so so so tough on the IT band because of the fast cadance and turn over) you HAVE to roll. It will save your life like it has mine many times.

It's amazing how much more in tune with your body rolling makes you. I know that it has helped me recover much faster and eventually you start to crave the pain!

Here's exactly what you do:

1. Buy a roller – I love the GRID or any foam roller except it has to be black. Blue and white are not dense enough and they will loose their umph quickly and not be as effective.

2. Keep your roller in your kitchen, family room, bed (seriously I've actually done this!) – any place that you will see it and use it. Out of sight out of mind so keep it in mind! 

3. Follow these instructions:


You will know when you're on the spot! Place the roller just below your hip bone and work down from there. Do not roll over your knee cap – try to stay at least two inches above your knee. You can roll up and down and side to side. Be agressive. Get in there.


foam roller 1

If you are SUPER tight you can keep one foot down and glide across your roller. Try to gradually increase your weight on to the roller leg.


foam roller 2

The fully monty. Pick both of those legs up and really giver. This is my fav.


Thanks to Fuel training club for teaching me about this one! Such a goodie. Right underneath your arm pit there is a lot going on. Your lats, serratus and triceps all grab on under here and they can get pretty tight fast!


foam roller 3

Keep your hips down and bend your elbow.


foam roller 4

Extend your arm straight and lift your hips high to the sky. YES … YAWOOZERS! YES!

Squash Season


Growing up my mom tricked us a lot with vegetables.


She would disguise them as deliciousness by adding lots and lots of butter with a splash of brown sugar. Butter everywhere. It was amazing. Ahh butter. Yum. All good until I couldn't zip my pants up!

It wasn't her fault … it was Ina's. Our all time favourite cookbook author, The Barefoot Contessa, goes for flavour first, second and third and I'm not even sure if health is remotely on her radar. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE this about her and I'd kill to be Jeffery (her adorable husband who she absolutely lives and cooks for) but in terms of health she is certainly not a beacon to follow. 

When I moved out on my own I was NOT a promising cook at first. Swiss Chalet was on speed dial in university. It wasn't until I moved in with Matt in England that I really tried my hand at home cooking. At first I did exactly as my mom had done for years … poured on the butter thick.

Then we Preston's got on the healthly bandwagon big time. We did the unthinkable – no butter on the veggies and you know what – I think they taste even better without them! Now I roast my squash in the oven for 40 minutes at 400F with a tbsp of olive oil and they are absolutely delicious. Sprinkle on some sea salt and WOW! So have a close look at a recipe and always look at ways to minimize the sugar … most of them are designed for maximum flavour but really when it comes down to it sometimes food is just left as mother nature intended it!

Text Therapy


This Saturday night I get to marry the most amazing man I've ever known.

engagement pictures

 :: Photos by A Simple Photograph ::

It's getting real and we are pretty excited about it!

Looking back on our relationship there are a lot of things that have helped make it successful. This one thing might seem small at first but in reality I think it has saved many many many arguments and problems.

Here it goes: we don't text.

Ok, ok we text like once a week … maybe twice during a big week.

When we first started dating I was 19 and Matt was 23 – he sent his first text message ever to me! I was used to guys only communicating with me via text so it was refreshing when I would get phone calls from him – how vintage! At first I couldn't understand why he wasn't getting back to my messages but then I quickly realized phones are the way to go – they are 100x faster and more personal. 

Observing some of my friend's relationships I've noticed how many of them have arguments centred around their cell phones. "He didn't text me good morning, he didn't text me when he got home, he hasn't texted in hours…" At least 75% of my friends can't even make it through lunch without needing to text their partners. This would drive me CRAY-CRAY. Matt and I are both strongly independent and the idea of a requirement to talk to each other throughout the entire day would feel like we had handcuffs on our smartphones. Besides, I love getting home at night and finding out all about his day. I don't need the play by play it's much better over a chicken dinner and a glass of wine. 

Matt will even go away for an entire weekend and I won't hear from him once – I absolutely love that. I know he's thinking about me and I'm thinking about him but I want him to be in the moment and not feel like he's got to tap in every 67 minutes. And I know if there's a problem I'll be his first phone call.

Honestly, seriously drop the texting and you will be 1000x happier with your relationship. If you want a love letter in the morning what about dusting off that old pen and paper and doing the old fashioned thing. I've heard of friends doing a texting cleanse where they won't text for 10 days and can't believe how much better it is. Seriously let's lift our eyes up and look around at the beautiful world around us and off our phones!

Portrait of a Lady


It's amazing how much smell really does have the power to re-create meaningful memories.


:: Portrait of a Lady online here ::

Anytime I smell garlic and butter I think of my friend Jen who is a wonderful person and amazing cook. Camp fire smells always remind me of Matt even when he's not around them with me. Balsam candles are my favourite at Christmas time because my mom had many of them growing up. 

One idea I really love for my wedding day is to have a special scent that you've never worn before that you absolutely love and will always remember it as your wedding day smell. Keeping a little piece of that day with you always.

I recently discovered Frederic Malle perfumes – they are amazing with a price tag to prove it! My favourite scent of his is called Portrait of a Lady. I tried it on last night just to see if Matt had an adverse reaction – normally he hates perfume but he actually loved this one. And on my way to Bod Squad a lady actually stopped me on the street to ask what I was wearing! It's a keeper. Luckily I had a lot of gift cards to spend at Holt Renfrew and I was able to bring the price tag down slightly!