Can’t We All Just Get Along?


Last week I invited my friend and client and fitness superstar trainer Jill to come try her first Bod Squad class!

lion hug

Today at her first personal training session since the class she told me how awesome of a time she had AND loved how friendly and nice everyone was. 

I realized then and there how much I really do take it for granted just how awesome our Bod Squad community is. I don't mean to brag but I'll just come right out and say it – Bod Squaders are the nicest people ever. Everyone is just supportive and friendly and sweet … and if they aren't then I MAKE THEM BE THAT WAY. Kidding! … But not really. I have a zero tolerance policy for meanness mixed with sweatness.  

When I first started my classes I knew that I wanted to create a space where people felt welcome, challenged and safe. Everyone knows everyones name, if someone does something great I always point them out and everyone cheers them on. It's awesome. We are all in this together!

I can't tell you how many fitness classes I've been to in my 26 years and been just blown away at how bitchy/rude some the atmosphere can be. Listen: there is no such thing as a reserved spot in an aerobics class. And if you're 25 minutes late you really have no business coming in and running to the front of the room. I've seen someone try to turn the heat up in a hot yoga class! I saw a lady yelled at a young girl once who tried to open a window in Pilates – how dare she want fresh air! Can't we all just get along?! I do absolutely see it as my job to set the tone as the teacher but ultimately it's up to everyone. 

The next time you're in a fitness class try putting away someone else's weights – you're going back to the rack anyway what's two more things to carry? Maybe offering them a towel if you're going to get one. If they are super strong – tell them that you're impressed with them! A little goes a long way. After all we are all just humans here with the same goal: to look great naked and be younger next year. 

Casa Loma Staircase Run


What an exciting weekend for runners in Toronto!

casa loma stair run

The Scotiabank Marathon, half and 5k happened just yesterday! I went to cheer on my sister in law Amie who ran her first half in an impressive 2:01! At the finish area I bumped into my superstar running friend Vicky who WON the 5km in 17:17!! YAYA fast friends!! It was just the inspiration I needed to head into to a great week of workouts.

casa loma steps

One of my favourite (and least favourite) things to do is run stairs. In the wintertime I like to run the 31 flights of stairs in my condo 4-5x … now that's when I'm feeling really reckless haha!! 

st clair stairs

:: My favourite outdoor stairs in Toronto are the ravine stairs at Yonge and just south of Davisville ::

My second favourite Toronto steps are at Casa Loma. They are a bit shorter but the view of the city and the castle is pretty spectacular. 

casa loma run

My best time is 28 seconds. I'll run this case 10x in a workout. I love it here because it is very busy with other runners and often I find someone to race up them for a few rounds! 

casa loma stretch

What to do If Stairs are New!

Running up stairs is SO good for you. It helps with encouraging knee drive and they will absolutely elevate your heart rate and help you on future hill runs! I love to suggest hills or stair training to my clients who are just starting to get involved with running intervals because they are a sure bet way to challenge your body. There are no break buttons on the stairs!

For your first stairs workout make sure you get a good warm-up of at least 5-10 minutes of flat ground running. When you get to the stairs make sure you do some dynamic stretches – for ideas check this out. No matter how long the stairs actually are for the first time try to go for time and not for distance. I like to start with 20 seconds "on" then walk down. See how far you can make it up! If you can get through 8 rounds of 20 second bursts then that is awesome! The next time try to increase to 30 seconds with 8 rounds. Then build up to the full length of the stairs.

Good luck! These are SO much better with a workout buddy! Have a friend meet you at the stairs if you can – even a fluffy friend is a great motivator on these. 



This week I signed on an 89 year old client this week and I'm OBSESSED with her.

rest of your life best of your life

Here's the story. I got a call from Elaine on Wednesday – she left a voice mail saying she was interested in a personal trainer. I could tell from her voice that she was over 18 but had no idea what I was in for. I started to call her back to let her know that I was too busy and couldn't take on another client… then she told me she was 89! Wow! So impressive that she's calling me looking for a personal trainer. As soon as I heard that I knew that I needed to meet her. In University I took an exercise and aging class and really loved it so that was a good start off point for exercise ideas and plan development. Her goals are simple – she wants to improve her balance for the winter ahead and get in and out of chairs with more ease. SO great. SO inspiring… I hope I'll be calling trainers at 89.

We've had two sessions already and she's just the cutest little lady ever. I feel like I am her contemporary … Matt always calls me his little 80 year old. Love her.

She has inspired me SO much this week.

body art garnet

Over the weekend I'm going to check out my friend Garnet's new Body Art class tonight!! I've had a preview of this workout and it's SO cool – a mix of yoga, Pilates, dance-ish, sweaty, hot fun fun fun. You can find Garnet here! And information about the class and times here.

Have a great one!! 

Little Black Luon


I love how lululemon has been upping their street style lately. Now it's the perfect one stop shop and more dangerous than ever for me! This little black dress got a LOT of rotation this summer and has still come in handy at least once a week with this warmer fall weather.

little black luon

:: Here to There Dress – lululemon, Crystal Necklace – J. Crew, Glitter Flats – old (but love these) ::

I scooped this up the first time it came to lululemon in April and it has been seriously the best thing I've purchased all year. The fabric is completely washable but it still maintains it's shape – I've washed this dress at least 10x and it looks just like it did when I first bought it.

black luon

I love the compression of this dress. I don't even need a bra with it because it's built perfectly up top. You might need to get someone to help do it up … or it's a good chance to practice some yoga moves zipping this up!

If you do a lot of traveling this is the perfect pack and go dress. You can dress it up or throw on a jean jacket with flip flops and you're good to go for daytime!

The good news is this dress is back in stores now! 

Bloglift Time


After four great years Beauty and the Bod will be seperate from Preston Fitness and I'm SO excited about it.

sneak peek

:: Sneak Peek at the new Beauty and the Bod ::

If you've been following the facebook page you know that great BIG things are ahead for this blog.I've been working on overhauling the blog design for the last month and I'm really proud of where we are headed. November 3 is our official relaunch date!

When I first started this blog I just figured it would be something nice to do to drive a few extra clients to bod squad. In writing this blog I've learned a lot about myself, how to run a business and made a lot of mistakes but many more major strides! The new Beauty and the Bod will feature daily posts on fitness, food, fashion and whatever inspires me to stay healthy that week. 

I would LOVE to hear from you what you would like to see and hear more of from me. I've complied a few questions in this survey and if you could take 3 minutes to give me some feedback that would be so helpful, I write this blog for you so hearing what you have to say really keeps driving this website forward.

Please click here to complete the survey. Thank you SO much!