Graze Craze


As the days draw closer to our wedding Matt and I are certainly in clean eats mode.


My dress fitting was a few days ago and I was nervous after a summer of complete inactivity that it would still fit. I'm thrilled that it zipped up and fits like a glove, abeit a tighter glove than last time haha!

Don't get me wrong, I have ZERO intention of being the bride who loses 15 lbs and looks freakishly small on her wedding day. But I would like to have a little breathing and most importantly dancing room to work with! 


:: Sneak peek at the dress ::

I'm back to moving now which I know will help a lot! And when I look closely at my diet I realize that meal times I'm generally 100% healthy. My trouble zone often lies in the graze area. 

I hear this a lot from friends who work in offices, the snacks there are endless. The truth is working from home, or in and out of gyms and homes all day like I am often has the same graze temptations. Fridges are EVERYWHERE!! It is impossible to escape without locking the cupboards! 

Matt is really great at only eating when he's hungry. I'm not so good at that, I'll often eat a snack just in case I might feel like a snack later … even as I type that it sounds like funny logic but somehow it makes total sense in my brain, I'm wired to always want food! 

Our challenge over the next three weeks is to stick to three clean meal times and ONE small snack only once a the day. The key to success will be fueling ourselves properly at meal time so that we stay happy until the next time to eat. And having 2L of water at a minimum!

I'd love to know if you guys are grazers and if you have any tips on how to make the most of your mealtime?

Resurrection Week


In order to move forward, you have to give back.

resurrection week

That quote is one of my all time favourites, from none other than Oprah! I believe in it so much.

This summer has been FULL of high highs and lowish lows. I'm thrilled to report that I've come out a better, stronger, more emphatic person through all of this and I would LOVE to celebrate with you.

To my Bod Squad, thank you SO much for putting up with your hobbling leader this summer. I've always thought I had the best people in the world for clients but now I really KNOW that.

This week I will be hosting two complementary workouts!!

The first one starts tonight! 5:45 pm in Ramsden Park. I can take up to 30 people so please sign-up on the facebook page by liking this post.

Stay tuned to the Beauty and the Bod page to find out when the next workout will be!

Can't wait to kick it up a notch with all of you and to thank you!



My swim life was completely changed this morning all thanks to this little guy:


:: The SwiMP3 ::

Up until three days ago I didn't even know this kind of device existed! 

I was lamenting about my swimming boredom and a client of mine who's daughter is an absolutely amazing synchro swimmer. After our workout my client ran into her closet and gave me this - The SwiMP3, an underwater music player. How cool is that?! It just clips on to your googles and you're good to go. The USB cap plugs right into the computer and you can download any song you want. The verison I have is 1G so up to about 50 … which is WAY more than I could ever swim for at this point! 


Seriously if you're a swimmer you probably already know about this or have one but as a newbie to the pool I think this is just the coolest thing ever. HUGE thank you to Jill D!

My one observation is there is no volume switch … at least I can't seem to find one! The volume is set at a good level so that wasn't a problem during my laps. The only time it was a little loud was when I was doing my rehab jumps … but I guess those look a little weird on their own anyway. 

I can't wait to get back in the pool now. YAYA!

Regent Park Aquatic Centre


Let me just state now once and for all that I'm not a natural swimmer.


In university I lived with a fish, lifeguard and absolutely stunning swimmer named Jules. Jules would take me to the pool from time to time and lap me … on the warm-up! Because I'm FAR from a gifted swimmer I generally make it a rule to avoid the sport all together. But with my recovering broken foot there is absolutely no better rehab workout than swimming. I've been VERY grateful for the regent park aquatic centre.

The facility is brand new, absolutely beautiful and FREE! Like, free free!


There are two 25 m pools with lane swim schedule available hereJust remember to bring a locker and your own towel! Also the changerooms are completely unisex and open glass to the pool - very strange at first glance but after some thought this is actually a pretty smart idea for safety. There are individual change stalls.

For those of you who aren't familiar with Regent Park it hasn't had the brightest past but it's really turning around now. It is really easy to get to and wait for it … there's FREE PARKING also!! Such a win. 

If you're looking for a free, beautiful and safe place to swim look no further than Regent Park! 

one piece secret garden sd

:: My lululemon one piece I bought this summer! Sold out now but there will be more next spring ::

Where’s Your Head At?


Well, I gotta admit this whole getting back into shape business has been ROUGH.

Don't get me wrong, I'm LOVING the challenge. I just didn't think I would be this out of shape! I went for a 1 km walk yesterday and my thighs are burning this morning. The day before I did a boxing upper body workout and my arms in so much pain right now it hurts to even put underwear on (don't worry I struggled this morning and got the job done)! YES!

sore sexy

This struggle has been a nice reminder of what my clients go through when they first start (or re-start) working out with me. I can now see and remember why it is SO easy to stop when you first start working out. Just know that your body is happiest when it's working regularly. Yes, working out will hurt but the real beauty and benefits from exercise are just past our comfort zone level. A workout is supposed to WORK you out. It's not meant to be easy, at all! I know in a few weeks from now I'll be back to where I was before I broke my foot. The key once you start feeling your workouts is to keep going. Consistency is critical for progress. 

Head set is SO important at this phase. Learn to get excited about the intensity. Workouts don't get easier, they just get better!

If you're feeling your workout this week that's great! I'm happy to be back there with you. Have a wonderful weekend guys!