Dad’s Takeover


My dad has totally been a huge source of my personal fitspiration and a BIG reason why I followed my heart and made a career out of being a fitness nut!

hills dad

:: Dad warming up with a few hills before teaching a Bod Squad ::

As a young chap my Dad was always in love with sports and exercise. At one point he even considered a career as a gym teacher but decided to get a business degree. He then naturally chose the ice cream business to help offset his intense workout regime!! It's funny how life sometimes can come full circle!

I know that everything in life happens for a reason (usually). And I'm starting to think that a big reason why I broke my foot was that it allowed Dad to come to the rescue and step up to the head coach plate leading Bod Squad. Over the past two weeks of leading classes he's had some awesome feedback! Which, always humble my Dad called me this morning to say that he was slightly embarassed by and that I should let people know that I will be back soon too! Thanks Dad!

Ian will be taking over the Bod Squad for the entire month of August!

Sign up for Dad Squad here!!

I'll be developing workouts with him and hopefully participating in class near the last week of the August session. I had my second follow-up appointment with the orthopedic surgeon today and GREAT news … I can walk in my air cast now!! WAHOOO!!! Which means I will be hopefully no more than three more weeks until I'm totally cast free! In the meantime it is wonderful to know that Bod Squad is in Dad's totally capable hands (and biceps).

Can't wait to kick off the last month of the summer season with Dad!! Thanks everyone!

No Bake Amazballs


These balls are amazing. 


And totally inpsired from the Oh She Glows cook book gifted to me by my amazing client Jill. Thank you!!! I adore this book full of healthy yet delicious recipes.

I am a HUGE fan of no-bake food. It is harder for me to mess it up that way! And I'm a fan of the consistency… the food always tastes the same. I have made this recipe four times already! And most impressively I've kept the same bag of mini chips for all four editions – no snacking is one of the wonderful things about breaking your foot, I'm just not as hungry yaya!! 

These balls are so quick to make and they are absolutely delicious. Enjoy!

This recipe makes about 12 balls but double it and you will have enough to get you through the day.



1 1/2 cup oats

1/2 cup almond meal

2 tbsp coconut oil

2 tbsp almond/peanut really your favourite nut butter will be great!

1/4 cup maple syrup + 1 tbsp

2 tbsp mini chocolate chips … aka my new baking obsession – small but signifigant!


1. Put the oats in a powerful blender and grind them into a flour form … now you have oat flour – ta da!

2. In a medium bowl mix together coconut oil, peanut butter and maple syrup until fully combined.

3. Then in the same bowl add in oat flour and almond meal and stir. If your batch is still flakey add in a bit more maple syrup. I found this helpful.

4. Finally fold in chocolate chips!

5. Form 12 small two-bite sized balls and place them on a cookie sheet. Freeze balls for at least 15 minutes and then you can put them in a ziploc freezer bag for storage … not that these will last long!



I love and currently live by this quote.


Over the course of this injury I've really recently come to realize just how lucky I really am. A broken foot is in the grand scheme of things not worth complaining about. There are FAR greater problems in the world than this and I know this injury will not break me, it will make me better than ever.

Seriously, as soon as I can kick this boot off it will be GO time on lots of projects!

INJURY2This past week has been a great chance to look around and truly be thankful for the wonderful things around me. I'm SO lucky to have the best "manurse" ever in Matt. The Bod Squad has been incredible as have all of my clients. And I'm blessed with some wonderful friendships.


Tomorrow marks the three week anniversary of injury date. At the very least I know I'm halfway there! 

Thanks again for your support everyone! Have a wonderful weekend!!

Exercise & Stress


In a recent (and remarkable) Princeton University study by Elizabeth Gould, mice were split into two groups: one with unlimited access to a running wheel and one that remained sedentary. (Source)


Six weeks later, both groups of mice were put in a bath of cold water to induce stress. The differences in brain activity were profoundly thought provoking: The mice that hadn’t worked out showed an immediate stress response—an increase in genes that turn on quickly when a neuron “fires.” The fit mice, on the other hand, showed an uptick in “inhibitory neurons”—ones that keep these “excitable” neurons in check.

Why this matters: Exercise totally keeps our entire personalities steady. Even in the last three weeks with my broken foot I haven't been able to do a single workout I have TOTALLY noticed this. I'm surprised at how much of the mental release I miss from exercise, I would have never had thought before this injury that I would miss it more than the physical act but now I know I most certainly do!

There is absolutely no question in my mind now how much exercise really can impact the brain. No wonder the wealthiest people in the world are also regular exercisers! Check out this cool chart!


:: Via ::

So if summer bodies doesn't motivate you to get your daily dose of endorphin boosting sweat fun in then I hope this does!! Keep working out for me guys! One more week until my next appointment with the surgeon and hopefully I'll be back to weight bearing! 

Introducing Ian!


My Dad (Ian) is a workout superstar and a HUGE reason why I'm the fitness freak that I am today.

run club crop.jpg.jpg

:: That's Ian in the back with the green shirt on ::

He is by FAR the fittest Dad I know, and arguably the fittest man I know (sorry Matt and Eddie!). He takes working out super seriously but also leads a really balanced lifestyle. My fitness role model!

On a typical week my Dad works out I'd say about 5-6 times. He does Bod Squad twice, run club once, works out with a trainer for upper body weights and does two interval runs and workouts on his own at the cottage on weekends. He also golfs in the summer and plays hockey once a week in the winter. My Dad has always been interested in fitness but in my opinon he is looking better than ever!

dad bod squad

This winter Dad took his lifetime dedication to fitness to the next level and did his personal training certification! He Aced it! Go Dad! Had zero doubt.

I am proud to say that Ian will be taking over Bod Squad for the first part of August! YAYAYA!! He's already had a few trial classes and has had great positive feedback. I know his classes will be awesome. Beware though – he likes to WORK HARD and have fun!!

I couldn't have hand designed a better co-leader and I know he is going to help take Bod Squad to the next level. Thanks Dad!! GREAT to have you on the team!